Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creating timelapse on the go for Echoes 2012

Poster design by Pornthip Phimanaporn

It was invited by the Silpakorn University faculty of music to use my VJ skills again this year for the Echoes Festival at Bangkok Art and Culture Center. On the 5th of April, I was vijaying outdoor of Bangkok Art and Culture Center, improvising visuals with VJ Hype, one of my students. On the 6th of April, I was giving a similar duty but this time with a playlist, I knew exactly what was going to be played and the organizer gave me some visual suggestions to match the work of the student. The event was indoor this time, 15 experimental tracks performed by Silpakorn University. I was a bit frustrated by the fact that they requested a lot of footage from Bangkok and especially timelapse, I didn't want to rip other's people work, knowing that one of the best timelapse of Bangkok available on vimeo was shot by a friend of mine...

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While showing google street view to my girlfriend, a new function in Thailand, I wondered... what would happened if... I animated the damn thing? I looked at the challenge... a considerable amount of screen capture, a limited time (2 days), let see what I can do. I first try to locate some interesting spot in Bangkok: Bridges, highway, slum, etc... Then start to screen capture what I was doing, 30 minutes of capture, frame by frame for a 5 sec animation at 12 fps... my fingers starts to hurt after that. I guess using scripts could have facilitated the process, but well, I still find the result quite worth the work.
I will post a video from the performance later on. But here are some of the video I played during the performance:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Standards - Where you go

This is the third time I worked with The Standards but this time it was a slighly different task. The band wanted a music video that could reflect their band presence on stage. They came up with the ideas of mashing up footage from all their tour into one music video. While working on their footage I felt that the result would be stronger if I also shot some more footage.

I went to Cosmic Cafe in December for one of their gig and shoot a few takes with a Panasonic AG-AF 100. These shots are important as most cameramen couldn't come too close on the stage, while I could. Editing was a bit challenging due to the different level of quality of the footage given but I definitely learn a new approach as I had around 7 hours of footage to cut down to 3 minutes and 40 sec...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Visuals for Ladytron live in Bangkok



Dudesweet, a Bangkok based party and event organizer contacted me in november 2011 to design and play visuals for the band Ladytron. They came to play at LED club, RCA on the 7th of December 2011. For this project, I teamed with the Wetcarpet studios, another VJ collective I work often with.

Ladytron live in Bangkok

We decided that using the LED screen from the club was too bright and preferred to use projection instead. It was not an easy installation as we needed to install a screen behind the band with no budget.

Ladytron live in Bangkok

We used my 12mx3m curtain that we fold 3 times and placed it right in front of the LED screen. We placed the projectors sideways and use a circle mask to hide the distortion from the projection. Ladytron live in Bangkok

From time to time we used the LED screen in the background, which could be seen as the curtain is semi-transparent. For the visuals we played a large array of mixed vintage videos with effects.