Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pop Shuvit! - Oh! Sizuka

This music video use the theme of "film within the film" and the concept was to try to surprise Malay audience by giving them a feeling that they are watching an old 80s program until they realise at the end of the music video that the "real" band members are actually directing a music video.

This complex music video was directed in August and finished in october. I collaborate again with Nam Il Cho who directed the music video. I essentially worked on the visual effects, the compositing and supervised the 2D animation part (done by 2 of my beloved students...). Most of the effects and the compositing was done in After Effects and almost all the motion graphics were decided after shooting... after some long discussions. The animation part at the end was first shot on greenscreen and then rotoscoped frame by frame by Pussaya

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