Friday, December 24, 2010

Showreel 2011

After a lot of research on showreels, I decided to do my own. Here is my work:

Showreel 2011: Gabriel Camelin from Gabriel Camelin (Freelenser) on Vimeo.

This showreel combined my work from previous music videos, post-production work and VJ work.

- Slowreverse - Monster (Thailand, 2010)
Direction and Post-Production

- Winterplay - Touche mon amour (Korea, 2010)

- Pop Shuvit - Oh Sizuka (Malaysia, 2009)

- Project E.A.R - South East A (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, 2009)

- The Robot Disaster - Guitars are overrated (UK, 2008)
Direction and Post-Production

- The Standards - The Proposition (Thailand, 2008)

Soundtrack for the Showreel: Jean-David Caillouet

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